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Kite All Day

Andy Kitesurf School is a travelling kitesurf school that will make you discover spots from Belgium, to France & Holland to teach you kitesurfing πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡³πŸ‡±Β 

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Kite All Day travels between Belgium, France and Holland, since 2011, searching for the best weather conditions for your lessons. These are given in groups of 2 students maximum and in modules of 3 hours. The school strongly supports car-sharing to get to the spots localisation. The scool's founder, Thibaut Harkay, himself passionnate about kitesurf, aims not only to share its passion through his lessons but also to create a strong and close community around kitesurfing.

Is it a travelling school?

βœ… Travelling schoolΒ 
❌ Teaching at a determined location

Localisation :

❌ Travelling school

Lesson's spots:

βœ… Belgium
βœ… Holland
βœ… France

Languages :

βœ… French
❌ Dutch
❌ English

Is this school IKO accredited?

βœ… This school is accredited following the IKO standards.

Gear rental without taking lessons?

❌ It is not possible to rend gear without taking lessons.

Is the equipment loan included in the lesson's price?

βœ… Yes, the school provides the kite, board, bar as well as a wetsuit fitted to the weather and temperature, all included in the lesson's price.

Are private lessons available?

βœ… Yes, private lessons (one student for one teacher) can be organized.

Other lessons available:Β 

❌ Power kite lesson
❌ Mountainboard lesson
❌ Buggy lesson
❌ Stand-up paddle lesson
❌ Surfing lesson

Kitesurf trip & camp?

❌ The school doesn't organize kitesurf trips or camps.

What do students think about this school?

Google Review : ❌  None

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